Do you have the best EasyShoe application? Enter The Slickest EasyShoe Application Contest to win cash prizes! 

Submit photos showing four views of an EasyShoe application. The required views are a solar view and a lateral view, taken after the hoof has been trimmed and prepared for the EasyShoe application. Also, a lateral and a dorsal view after the EasyShoe has been applied. You may enter the Glue Application Category or the Nail Application Category. Three winners will be selected in each category with the following prize amounts: 1st place – $ 500; 2nd place – $ 350; 3rd place – $ 100. 

All entries must be submitted by April 25, 2014. Winners will be selected May 5, 2014. To enter the contest click here: The Slickest EasyShoe Application Contest.

The pictures below show the views that are necessary for the contest. When taking pictures please remember to:

  • take photos on a clean and flat surface.
  • take photos in natural light, shaded areas are preferable to full sun.
  • take the dorsal and lateral views from the ground level.
  • take the solar view with the camera parallel to the sole (do not tilt the hoof).
  • label your photos by foot and view (for example "RF lateral" for "right front lateral").

Solar view of trimmed and prepared hoof.

Lateral view of trimmed and prepared hoof.

Lateral view of finished EasyShoe application.

Dorsal view of finished EasyShoe application.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 1.800.447.8836 and we will be happy to assist you.

Alayna Wiley

Alayna Wiley, Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

I assist the marketing and sales departments at EasyCare with a special interest in hoof care practitioner and veterinarian dealer accounts. My horses have been barefoot and booted since 2003.

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