It is our nature to give most press to the newest products on the market. In the process, sometimes we overlook or forget the old and proven.

I love using the Easyboot Gloves for training and conditioning rides. But not every boot fits every hoof. Recently I had a couple of horses that just did not keep their Easyboot Gloves on their hooves at faster speeds. Power straps and athletic tape did not help much either. Just too strong a push off with their haunches coupled with a twisting motion, the Gloves just were, well, twisted off.

One of the great things about EasyCare is that they have developed hoof boots for just about all types and shapes of hooves and all kinds of equestrian disciplines. A great boot for horses with the described movements is the Original Easyboot.

This Boot was first invented in 1970 and been a solid performer ever since. First used as a "spare tire" by the horse community, it quickly graduated for general riding usage. 

I love this boot: easy and quick to apply, even when the hooves are not perfectly trimmed. Concerns for many riders in the past have been the cleats, which sometimes could cause the hoof wall to get scratched and dented a little bit. EasyCare solved that problem by providing removable cleat covers.

These covers do not provide quite the same hold as the actual cleats. But they can easily get removed exposing the actual metal cleats.

If the boots fit very tight or these cleats seem too aggressive, you can bend them down or flatten them a little with a pair of pliers. Another great method preventing any denting of the hoof walls  involves wrapping the hoof with duct tape prior to applying the Original Easyboots. Now the cleats bite into the duct tape and won't leave any marks on your horses hoof wall.

All Original Easyboots come with a woven strap.

This strap should be used to help facilitate moving the keeper strap over the heels. Care must be taken to completely have the keeper straps wrap around the heels.

The new buckle system with the mini rollers make it really easy to tighten the buckle and preventing the cables from fraying. It also gives you a few more easy size adjustments. Below you can see how to customize the cable length.



From the desk of the Bootmeister

Christoph Schork

Global Endurance Training Center




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