Not all mustangs need hoof boots, but they do if they compete in endurance. Here is a picture of my seven year old mustang mare, Amazing Grace. She is from Nevada and while she ran free, there's no doubt her hooves were as hard as rocks. But now that she's living in the mountains of North Carolina, she needs a little help from me. Because I trim my own feet and believe in the natural hoof, I use Easyboot Gloves. She has a wide foot, so I ordered the Fit Kit to be sure I ended up with the correct size. Here we are at our first LD ride at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC. She did really well, and the best part was that the boots fit well and stayed on the entire ride, even through mud and water. Plus I love that they come in blue, which happens to be our color! Thanks EasyCare for making a great boot!

Name: Elise Rogers
City: Columbus, NC USA
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove

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