What kind of horse clinics do you like to go to?

Our 4H Club hosts many clinics during the good weather months of the year. We also have a weekend Clinic and Camp every summer. Some of the topics covered have been: Natural Horsemanship, Natural Balance Dentistry, Equine Massage Therapy, Whole Horse Balance, Barefoot Trimming, Centered Riding, and an Obstacle Course.

We bring in clinicians from multiple states around us. It is so cool that professionals donate their time to spend with us!

Gary Ford and his daughter Cassie Ford were our March 2013 clinicians.
Every horse in this picture is barefoot! One is also wearing Easyboots!

Sometimes, however, it is good to travel to the clinic as well. Last November, my Mom and I traveled to Theresa and Tim McManus’ Keymon Farms in Virginia to attend a weekend event focused on learning the different levels of collection, equine osteopathy, and hoof balance. Theresa gave a great presentation on the three levels of collection. She also got me into riding with a bareback pad and a bitless bridle. I love them!

Theresa McManus fitting the colorful Sprit Bridle (bitless) on Sasha before giving me a lesson.

Anne-Marie Hancock, DVM, EDO worked with and adjusted my horse, Sasha, who had been lame for over a month. Sasha got better during the weekend and was all well within a week.  

Anne-Marie performing a pre-exam by checking Saha’s ear for sensitivities.

Paige Poss, http://www.anatomy-of-the-equine.com and www.ironfreehoof.com, did a surprisingly fun dissection of a cadaver leg. It was really educational and entertaining!

Paige's dissection was so interesting for all!

There were also vendors, including Paulita Neff with Saddle Up Treeless Saddles http://treelesssaddle.com. I ride in one of her Freeform saddles and love it. We also got to meet Ann Buteau, an EasyCare dealer and long-time natural hoof care provider, who brought loads of EasyCare hoof boots to look at.

Paulita helping a client learn about her treeless saddles.

This is me with Anne Buteau!

We all need to keep improving our horse knowledge. While it is convenient to bring clinicians to us, it is also great to get out sometimes and go to a clinic in a new place and meet new people. Where will you go this year?  What will you learn?

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