Have you finished your holiday shopping? EasyCare has several wonderful gift options for all the hoofoholics out there. If you are a last minute shopper like me, make sure to place your order with EasyCare by 12: 00 pm MST Friday, December 21, 2012. Our offices will be closed for the holidays from December, 24th 2012 to January 6th, 2013.   Our president and CEO, Garrett Ford, recently blogged that he believes the ability for horse owners to do their own trimming or maintenance trimming is the best gift they can give themselves and their equines. EasyCare offers a variety of Natural Hoof Care products to assist you with that gift.

Hoof Trimming Gifts

Wouldn' t you be thrilled to receive this gift?

You can start by curling up next to the fire with Lucy Nicholas' book, The Barefoot Horse: An Introduction to Barefoot Hoof Care and Hoof Boots. For the more advanced hoofoholics, we also offer Pete Ramey' s Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Hoof. When you are ready to start with hoof maintenance, the Save Edge 14" rasp is the way to go; I use it for my horses and I highly recommend it. We also have Save Edge rasp handles in red, white, blue and black. The Hoofjack is another essential hoof trimming accessory; order one of these and your back and knees will thank you.

Bargain Bin Gift

Half off hoof boots!

If you are looking for a great holiday deal on hoof boots, check out our Bargain Bin. We have several new, discontinued models of boots available including Original Easyboots, Easyboot Epics and Easyboot Gloves. All boots in the Bargain Bin are discounted 50% off MSRP. The fine print: valid only while supplies last, all sales are final: no returns or warranties. Bargain Bin items are available through the EasyCare website only. If the Bargain Bin does not have the boots you are looking for, take advantage of our quantity discount. If you purchase four or more boots at the same time from EasyCare, you will receive a quantity discount (excludes Easyboot Glue-Ons and Bargain Bin boots). You can mix and match your boot styles and sizes and still receive this quantity discount. Styles that are sold as a pair are considered one boot.

Stocking stuffers for the hoofoholic.

Last but not least, if you are looking for some stocking stuffers for your barn buddies, we have you covered. Nitrile Tough EasyCare Gloves provide the necessary protection when hoof trimming. These gloves will save you from countless rasp nicks and the form fitting design does not hinder dexterity. They are also great for general work around the farm. The EasyCare Magnetic Hoof Pick will always be close at hand since it sticks to any metal surface. Happy Holidays!

Alayna Wiley

Alayna Wiley, EasyCare CSR

Customer Service

As one of the customer service representatives, I am happy to help get your horse into the right boots. I have plenty of hands on experience since my horses have been barefoot and booted since 2003.


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