There are many articles available with tips and tricks for booting, trimming hooves, natural hoof and horse care, endurance riding with boots, and improving horse’s lives through the use of hoof boots. My story today is a little different. I want to tell you about my husband, and how hoof boots enrich his life.

David has had a long history of knee problems and surgeries. Although he has enjoyed some relief after these surgeries, but nothing makes the pain go away permanently. As such, many of the physical activities he used to enjoy, such as playing soccer, are out of the question. Most outdoor activities, such as hiking, are also just not possible for him.

David and his horse, Jinx, right before a ride.

However, he still really enjoys being outside and the peace and quiet that being out on the trail brings him. Although we don’t have terrain as rugged as in places like Colorado and Montana, Missouri has a wide variety of terrain, much of it rocky and hilly. These factors make it even harder for him to consider hiking. He relies on his horse to reliably, safely, and soundly carry him into the heart of Missouri’s wilderness and back. What would be an inconvenience for most people, a lost boot or shoe, could turn into a dangerous situation for David. 

David on the trail with Jinx, wearing her red Easyboot Gloves. He doesn't like his picture taken.

Depending on the season and the area of the state, we encounter just about every type of booting challenge imaginable: deep mud; large boulders; rock ledges and staircases; loose, rolling gravel; grass; steep hills; river crossings – you name it. Once we had the correctly sized and fitted boots, Easyboot Gloves have performed flawlessly, allowing David to hit the trail confidently and experience all wonders Missouri has to offer.

A more technical section of trail with lots of tree roots.

The view from out on the trail at an overlook. David would not get to experience this without his horse, and Easyboot Gloves.

Easycare hoof boots helps horses and humans alike.

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