We bought Sun Countrybumpkin at age 17 for my daughter to use in 4-h and her high school equestrian team. He was pretty well bred and had a strong performance record in our county. So many people would ask "How did you end up with Crunch?" They would then add "Oh, we looked at him but his feet are terrible."

He became foot sore five months later while he was training for jumping. He was cranky and his feet were very tender. Our farrier nailed heavier shoes on his front and declared him cured. Not at all! Luckily, our trainer was a believer in barefoot trimming and recommended a hoof care practitioner. We pulled the steel shoes and embarked on a natural foot way of life. Crunch went from unable to walk across packed dirt to full out races around our very rocky pasture. Our vet labeled him "classic navicular horse", indicating we may have a tough road ahead.

He will be 26 this summer and he's still ruling the roost! He is pictured above with his Easyboot Epics.

Name: Jaelle
City: Ellensburg, Washington, USA
Equine Discipline: Other
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Epic


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